The Commonwealth Morris Men







The MidWinter Celebration


2011-12 Schedule

January 25 (Wed):  Ninth Annual Midwinter Celebration
First Unitarian Society of Newton (West Newton, MA), 7:30PM - 9:30PM.
April 22 (Sun):  New England Folk Festival (NEFFA)
Mansfield High and Middle Schools (Mansfield, MA), 3PM - 4PM.
April 28 (Sat):  Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival
Gore Place (Waltham, MA), 10:30AM - 2PM.
May 1 (Tue):  May Day Morning Tour
The Charles River to the Holyoke Center (Cambridge, MA), dawn to about 9AM.

Download the current team flyer (PDF format), which includes a tour schedule.

Previous Years' Tour Schedules

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